See details Date Published Id Status Version Implementation date Presentations
17/01/2020 LAC-2020-1: Add IPv6 operational as a requirement for IPv4 transfers Under discussion 2.0
23/12/2019 LAC-2018-13: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the Policy List Under discussion 4.0
13/11/2019 LAC-2019-12: RPKI ASN 0 ROA Under discussion 2.0
29/10/2019 LAC-2019-11: Eliminate the ASN Requirement for End Users Under discussion 1.0
29/10/2019 LAC-2019-10: Eliminate the requirement for applicants to return the addresses they have been assigned by their providers once they receive a direct assignment Under discussion 1.0
23/10/2019 LAC-2019-8: Modification of the Time Required for a Proposal to be Presented at the Public Policy Forum Under discussion 4.0
23/04/2019 LAC-2019-7: PDP Chair Election Procedure Under discussion 5.0