See details Date Published Id Status Version Implementation date Presentations
08/10/2020 LAC-2020-3: Impact Analysis Is Mandatory Under discussion 2.0
23/09/2020 LAC-2020-8: Add a short descriptor to policy proposal identification codes Under discussion 1.0
21/09/2020 LAC-2020-7: Modification of the PDP to improve the quality of proposals and increase participation in the policy development process Under discussion 1.0
21/09/2020 LAC-2020-6: Miscellaneous changes to the PDP Under discussion 1.0
18/09/2020 LAC-2020-5: Adoption of policy proposals for discussion at the Public Policy Forum, Discussion List and call for consensus as working documents. Under discussion 1.0
18/09/2020 LAC-2020-4: Adjustment to the Functions of the Board of Directors Under discussion 1.0
07/08/2020 LAC-2019-7: PDP Chair Election Procedure Under discussion 6.0
06/08/2020 LAC-2020-1: Add IPv6 operational as a requirement for IPv4 transfers Under discussion 3.0
31/07/2020 LAC-2018-13: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the Policy List Under discussion 5.0