IP-Based Geolocation

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Name: Jorge Lam
Email: jorge.lam@centurylink.com
Organization: CenturyLink

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Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2018-3
Last version: 1


More and more online services deliver or restrict content depending on the user's location. There are many ways to try to establish where an IP address is located; one of the most common is the information that can be obtained from the RIRs. If an IP address is reassigned to a country other than the one to which it was assigned by LACNIC, it becomes more difficult to obtain the address’s location information. This policy seeks to announce the location of an IP address in a simple and public manner to facilitate its geolocation.


Many geolocation systems use information from the delegated-extended file published by LACNIC to determine in which country an IP prefix is located. This information, however, only considers assignments that have been made directly by LACNIC to its members. If a member reassigns a resource to another country, this information is not reflected in the file. This complicates geolocation considering that the shortage of IPv4 addresses causes many blocks originally assigned by LACNIC in one country to be used in another.


Add the following section to the LACNIC Policy Manual:

Section Geolocation

In addition to the information available in the WHOIS database, the assignments made by LACNIC and the sub-assignments made by its members will be published in a file along with information on the country in which the prefix was assigned. This file will be available for the community to download freely. Among other uses, this file may be used to geolocate an IP address. The file's format and the place where it will be published will be defined by the LACNIC staff.

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