Update the policy on transfers due to mergers/acquisitions

Original Language Português Date Published 07/02/2018 Last Modified 15/02/2018
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Name: Ricardo Patara
Email: patara@registro.br
Organization: NIC.BR

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2018-2
Last version: 2


Proposal to add some items included in transfer policy which, for consistency, should also be included in policy


The policy on IPv4 address transfers due to mergers or acquisitions already existed when the policy on transfers for other reasons ( was implemented. The latter incorporated some important observations that are not included in the former, even though some of them are present in documents other than the policy documents. For example, the fact that transferred resources will no longer be considered as legacy resources. This is described in the LACNIC Bylaws.

For reasons of consistency, this should also be reflected in the policy.

The same is true for the restriction of two consecutive IPv4 address transfers, as already specified in policy


Add a paragraph at the end of section

It is important to note that:
- Once transferred, resources previously considered to be legacy resources will no longer be considered as such.

- A block that has previously been transferred under section, may not be transferred again under section for a period of one year as of the date on which the previous transfer was concluded. This also applies to sub-blocks, i.e., any group of addresses contained in the block that is transferred.

- Blocks and sub-blocks from initial or additional allocations or assignments received directly from LACNIC or its NIRs may not be transferred under section for a period of one year as of their date of allocation or assignment.

Additional Information

According to comments, the proposal was adjusted to remove the restriction to transfer one block again under section 2
.3.2.17 (Mergers, Acquisitions or Sales of ISPs or End Users)


Immediate implementation