One-way interregional transfers to LACNIC

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Name: Daniel Miroli
Organization: IP Trading

General opinion

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2017-2
Last version: 3


This proposal seeks to allow one-way IPv4 address transfers originating in other regional registries towards LACNIC.


LACNIC's transfer policies allow only intra-regional transfers. Thus, transfers depend on the willingness of LACNIC members to offer their excess resources. Given the current demand, this explains the limited amount of resources offered for transfer.


Because the LACNIC region has received less IPv4 assignments, there is little in terms of excess resource inventory. A policy allowing “one-way interregional transfers to LACNIC” would allow access to a larger inventory of IPv4 blocks offered by other regions, while keeping addresses from being transfered out of the region.

Additional Information

- ARIN requires reciprocity, so this policy would not apply to transfers originating in the ARIN region.
- APNIC requires a compatible policy and currently processes transfers with NIRs such as VNNIC and CNNIC which authorize incoming transfers.
- Everything seems to indicate that RIPE would allow one-way transfers to LACNIC members.




In reference to an exchange with AFRINIC, when a member of RIPE was asked about his views on one-way transfer policies, Sander Steffan replied the following: Without issuing an opinion on the current policy proposal, I can say it would be compatible with RIPE transfer policies. Address space can be re-allocated to another resource holder who is a member of a registry that allows transfers. If AFRINIC allows incoming transfers, RIPE allows outgoing transfers.

Public Comments by LACNIC Staff

LACNIC STAFF´S IMPACT ANALYSIS - Proposal LAC-2017-2 - version 2

LACNIC Staff's Interpretation of the Proposal
Application of Section
This section will be applied when a source organization submits a request to transfer an IPv4 block to an organization in the LACNIC region. The source organization may be part of our region or of a region whose RIR policies allow the transfer of addresses to the LACNIC region. This may evolve as the policies of each RIR are modified.
This policy does not apply to “Mergers, Acquisitions or Sales among ISPs or End Users (Section:”.

Modification to the current text
According to the modifications included in policy proposal 2017-2, the Policy Manual would change as follows:

• The text in Section would be replaced by: “Upon receiving an IPv4 address block transfer request where the transferring organization is located in the LACNIC region, LACNIC shall verify that the organization transferring the block is in fact the holder of said block according to LACNIC's records. If the transferring organization is located in the region of an RIR with policies in force that allow address transfers to LACNIC, LACNIC shall accept the RIR's verification that the transferring organization is the holder of said block. The approved applicant and the organization transferring the resources must present before LACNIC a copy of the legal document supporting the transfer.”

• The text in Section would be replaced by: “LACNIC shall maintain a publicly accessible transfer log of all IPv4 address block transfers registered before LACNIC. This log shall specify the date on which each transaction took place, the transferring organization, the origin RIR, the receiving organization and the block that was transferred.”

• The text in Section would be replaced by: “A block previously transferred under this policy may not subsequently be transferred for a period of one year as of the date on which the operation is recorded in the transfer log. The same applies to its sub-blocks, i.e. blocks consisting of a subset of the IPv4 addresses contained in the block.”

• The current title of Section of the Policy Manual is: “Transfer of IPv4 Blocks within the LACNIC Region.” However, the proposed changes to the section mean that both transfers within the region as well as one-way transfers to the LACNIC region would be possible. We recommend modifying the title of this section so that it correctly represents its content or, alternately, creating a new section exclusively for inter-RIR (one-way) transfers.
• In Section we recommend replacing the term “transaction” with “operation.”

IMPORTANT: This comments are valid today (april, 2017). However, this might change due to new policies implemented in the future.

RIPE NCC: Transfers with RIPE region would be allowed.

APNIC: Transfers with APNIC region would be allowed.

AFRINIC: There is not a inter-RIR transfer policy, so it would not be allowed.

ARIN: ARIN’s inter-RIR transfer policy states "Inter-regional transfers may take place only via RIRs who agree to the transfer and share reciprocal, compatible, needs-based policies.”

The word “reciprocal” prevents ARIN from being compatible with either AFRINIC or LACNIC’s proposed one-way transfer policies.
There is a recent Draft Policy under discussion that addresses this, and as such may impact ARIN’s compatibility in the future. To keep up with this discussion:

Implementation of the Proposal
Implementing this proposal requires articulating changes in the systems in coordination with those RIRs which, at the time of implementing the proposal, have policies in force that are compatible with transfers as described in this proposal.

Impact of the Policy on the Registry System and the Addressing Pool
This proposal would involve adjustments to LACNIC's various systems.

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