Modify the initial assignment size and the requirements for subsequent direct IPv6 assignments to end sites

Original Language Español Date Published 30/03/2016 Last Modified 01/04/2016
Last Call for Comments Period 05/05/2016 - 19/06/2016 Date Ratified Does not apply Implementation Date 01/08/2016
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Name: Jordi Palet Martinez
Organization: Consulintel

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2016-6
Last version: 2
Presented at: LACNIC 25 Presentations:


This policy limits the maximum size of assignments even in the case where they might be justified by the addressing plan being requested.

In addition, it seems senseless to request documentation/justification to make additional assignments from contiguous blocks.

This proposal seeks to modify the text so that these considerations will be consistent with actual IPv6 usage.

In addition, the current text of the policy contains an error, as it requests documentation/justification for subsequent assignments (or at least that is the intention), yet the language gives the impression that the documentation/justification is required for such assignments to be made from a contiguous block.


An addressing plan is enough to justify the space, while placing limitations on actual needs makes no sense.

As for subsequent assignments, it is assumed that LACNIC's default, usual practice is to reserve space adjacent to any assignment so that subsequent assignments will not require another announcement and thus a single aggregate prefix can be announced. In view of this, it appears senseless to include this text in the policy.


Currently, the texts in sections and of the policy proposal are identical:

“Assignments will be made in blocks smaller than or equal to a /32 but always greater than or equal to a /48.

Where possible, subsequent allocations will be made from an adjacent address block, but only if duly documented and justified.”

We propose changing the text of both sections and replacing it with the following:

“Assignments will be made in blocks always greater than or equal to a /48.

Subsequent assignments must be duly documented and justified. Where possible, such assignments will be made from a contiguous address block (i.e., extending the existing assignment "n" bits to the left).

Additional Information

The aspects the proposal seeks to modify have not been addressed by other RIRs.


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