Modify direct IPv6 address assignments to end users

Original Language Español Date Published 10/03/2016 Last Modified 07/03/2016
Last Call for Comments Period 05/05/2016 - 19/06/2016 Date Ratified Does not apply Implementation Date 01/08/2016
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Name: Jordi Palet Martinez
Organization: Consulintel

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2016-4
Last version: 2


This policy was designed based on its IPv4 equivalent. Some of its considerations make no sense in IPv6 and are not covered by other RIRs.

This proposal seeks to modify the text so that these considerations will be consistent with the reality of IPv6


Some of the information which is currently required makes no sense and actually does not affect LACNIC's decision on whether to assign the requested resources.

Since there is no obligation to announce these resources, it makes no sense to talk about routing plans or protocols.

In IPv6, address shortage is not even remotely a consideration. Indeed, this protocol was designed to allow subnets with very few nodes, which implies that what matters is not the number of nodes but the number of subnets, depending on the organization's needs.


The requirements under section would be as follows:

1. Not be an LIR or an ISP.
2. In case of announcing the assignment on the Internet inter-domain routing system, the receiving organization shall announce the block maintaining de-aggregation to a minimum in accordance with the announcing organization's needs.
3. Provide detailed information showing how the requested block will be used within the following three, six and twelve months.
4. Submit addressing plans for at least one year.

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Immediate implementation.



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