Remove the reference to a provider’s "multihomed or non-multihomed status".

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Name: Julião Braga
Organization: Submissão Independente

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2016-3
Last version: 2
Presented at: LACNIC 25 Presentations:


This Policy Proposal seeks to eliminate the reference to a provider's "multihomed or non-multihomed status," thus also eliminating the requirement which states "at least 50% of the requested address space" and replacing this text with "25% of the requested address space."


The considerations behind this proposal are listed below:

1. Technology has advanced and traffic failures and / or Internet noise have been greatly reduced.

2. It's not necessary for traffic redundancy to be local, as remote physical redundancy has a similar effect considering that transit providers themselves build traffic redundancy in their own networks.

3. Physical and/or economic limitations exist in remote areas that make redundancy not viable.


Considering the reasons above, this proposal seeks to remove the word "multihomed" and the requirement which mentions "at least a 50% of the requested address space", harmonizing the requirement as "25% of the requested address space".

This 50% appears in section and the following text should be removed:

"If the applicant is a non-multihomed ISP:
Efficient utilization of at least 50% of the requested address space (contiguous or not)."

The term "multihomed" appears in sections, and, and should be removed without exception.

Additional Information

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Immediate implementation


Section 2 of the Policy Manual (v2.5 14 Dec. 205)

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