Inter-RIR Transfers

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Name: David Huberman
Organization: Microsoft Corporation

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2015-2
Last version: 3
Presented at: LACNIC 23, LACNIC 24 Presentations:


Allow organizations to transfer space into LACNIC from another RIR so they can build more networks in LACNIC.


When an organization wants to establish or expand its internet presence in the LACNIC region, and is unable to obtain IPv4 addresses from LACNIC, it is important that they are able to move number resources from another RIR to LACNIC and its NIRs. Companies are presently unable to do so under LACNIC policy.

Section prescribes the conditions under which number resources may be transferred between parties in the LACNIC region. I suggest adding a new section to allow number resources to be transferred in to LACNIC from another RIR.


2.3.2.X – Transfer of IPv4 Blocks From Another RIR To a Specified Recipient in the LACNIC region.

IPv4 block transfers will be allowed from parties outside the region to an LIR or end-user in the LACNIC region.

2.3.2.X.1 – The minimum block size that may be transferred is a /24

2.3.2.X.2 - The source entity must be the current rights holder of the IPv4 address resources recognized by the RIR responsible for the resources, and not be involved in any dispute as to the status of those resources.

2.3.2.X.3 - LACNIC shall maintain a publicly accessible transfer log of all IPv4 address block transfers registered before LACNIC. Said log shall specify the date on which each transaction took place, the organization from which the transfer originated, the receiving organization, and the block that was transferred.

2.3.2.X.5 - A block that has previously been transferred may not subsequently be transferred again for a period of one year as of the transaction date registered in the transfer log. The same applies to its sub-blocks, which are blocks that group a subset of the IPv4 addresses contained in the block.

2.3.2.X.6 - The receiving organization must comply with all LACNIC policies in force.

2.3.2.X.8 - Recipients within the LACNIC region must demonstrate the need for up to a 12-month supply of IPv4 address space.

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