Management of Returned Internet Resources

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Name: Edmundo Cázarez
Organization: NIC México

Proposal Data

Policy Type: LACNIC
Id: LAC-2013-4
Last version: 1
Presented at: LACNIC 21 Presentations:


This document proposes giving equal treatment to returned and recovered resources, expanding the scope of Chapter 7 of the Policy Manual.


Current policies do not provide guidance on how to manage Internet resources returned to LACNIC or the NIRs.

Given the fact that returned resources' status cannot be guaranteed, we propose that they be given the same treatment as recovered resources, adding them to the pool of recovered resources to be used together with the reserve pool described in section 11.1 of the Public Policy Manual.


Replace the title of chapter 7:

7. Resource Recovery


7. Resource Recovery and Return

Chapter 7 currently only references resource recovery, so it would now become section 7.1 Resource Recovery.

A section 7.2 should be added:

Resource Return:
"LACNIC members are free to return to LACNIC or to the corresponding NIR, at any time, all of part of the Internet resources they have been assigned.

LACNIC shall publish the resources that have been returned so that the routing filters can be modified.

IPv4 resources returned under this policy may only be assigned under the guidelines set forth in section 11.1 of the Policy Manual.

Assignment of returned IPv4 resources will begin when, for the first time, it is not possible to perform an assignment from the IPv4 special reserve pool. Resources having an earlier return date shall be assigned first. Returned IPv6 and ASN resources shall not be assigned until a new policy defines the appropriate time.”

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